Kamalnagar edipira submit tenders widespread fraud allegations

Kamalnagar (Lakshmipur) correspondent : Edipira 70 million worth of annual kamalanagare Development Fund or to submit tender irregularities alleged widespread fraud. BMW engineers and accusations towards the ruling party. Upazila Engineer Sohail Anwar’s alleged cooperation with the local office of the ruling party, led by Secretary mehammada Ullah in secret to negotiate between the party leaders and activists to deliver 6 packages were distributed. The package papakadera hefty commission to deal with the complaint said.

Package hoping Aaron trerdasa, Ahmed A- Shaon trerdasa and Nabila trerdasa’s satbadhikari Harun-or-Rashid, Haji Mohammad Shahjahan Nizam Uddin March 9, from 7 March (tender submitted last time) until 5pm, including numerous organizations on a daily schedule in order to purchase a rod, but the district engineering office in the back, the upper pressure kayeche. But that did not bother any of the rules and regulations on the night of March 8 4 organizations Babul their e-brardasa, NASA kanakatrakasana, Gias entarapraijaebam share memories Telecom rated 6 package.

Mulayanao sale tender committee UNO Mohammad Rahman Mollah, he said when asked on the subject of irregularities, the engineer, I repeatedly asked upajayaka he did not give me anything. I will tell you what he said last! I even notice him karanadarsao March 30 (smarakanam-0051330000702117047), he has not sent its reply. I informed Deputy Commissioner Sir irregularities and district engineer said.

When asked about this, he said to the district engineer, I was ghapalati. Asked how much money babata has scheduled sale of 35 million rupees, while newspaper advertising bill sa42taka 1 of 9. Where did the money come Asked to manage!
Office Secretary Mohammad Ullah said that Tay-child through the lottery are outsiders, so that the people themselves have to share.

Project Selection Committee Chairman Syed Shamsul Alam, Upazila Parishad convener helpless I am!

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Monday, May 29, 2023